Tachyon Wholistic Wellness 101

Tachyon Wholistic Wellness 101

Tachyon Wholistic Wellness 101

Pain Management

Overview/Course Goals: As a graduate of Tachyon Wholistic Wellness 101, you will have mastered pain management and the use of the TLC Bars.

Tachyon Wholistic Wellness 101 is a two-day intensive where you will learn valuable skills in demonstrating the effect that Tachyonized™ materials have on biological systems. This hands-on course will give you the experience and techniques to begin accessing tachyon's full potential in your life. You will be able to immediately use these skills, and this work blends perfectly with any and all previous modalities you may have already embraced.

Specifically, this course trains healthcare professionals and those on the path of self-care in reducing and/or eliminating pain by releasing blockages in the Energetic Continuum. You will master the use of the TLC Bars, learn about the "River of Life", and discover how to use the "bifurcation point" as the energetic key to an amazing "youthing" process. You will also learn about the other Tachyonized tools so that you can feel comfortable using and suggesting them.

Certification as a Tachyon Wholistic Wellness Practitioner is available once you have completed the course and purchased the TLC Bars.

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