EMF ≈ Personal Protectors

EMF ≈ Personal Protectors

EMFs and Biological Systems

It is possible to protect yourself and your loved ones from the EMFs produced in your home and/or workplace. In fact, you can do more than simply protect your family through the use of Tachyonized products like Tachyon Pendants, Life-Capsule Key Chains or Tachyon Silica Disks. Studies demonstrate, and experts confirm, that these tools actually turn hazardous EMFs into beneficial energy for the body. The Tachyonized products are available worldwide and are proven to be the wisest choice for EMF protection.  Read More

March 2017 Article
Cellphone Radiation Isn’t Harmful 
To Apple’s HealthThey’re Protected!  But You’re Not!  
Did you know if you activated a mobile device, you have already agreed that:  if you touch your iPhone or Samsung neither company is liable for any health issues that arise form cellphone RF radiation! Read the Article



 May 2016

"I feel that the new Tachyon Mini-V is the most powerful and most cost effective shield against EMF's that is available today."

"I and my family now wear the Tachyon Mini-V all the time.  After testing almost every devices on the market, I discovered the Tachyon Mini-V.  The Mini-V was consistently at least 100 times more EMF protective than any other device."  As a holistic physician Dr. Cousens is continually working with EMF sensitive people.  "I recommend it to all my patients, and especially my diabetes patients whose blood sugar goes up when exposed to EMF's.  I feel that the new Tachyon Mini-V is the most powerful and most cost effective product against EMFs that is available."
                                                         Gabriel Cousens, M.D.,M.D.(h), D.
                                                         Author of Books on Holistic Health



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