Monday, December 18, 2017

Possibilities in the Area of Certain Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals

Exciting new possibilities now arise in the area of certain herbs, vitamins, minerals and other substances. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in our ability to transform glands, organs, tissues, and bones in out body into tachyon antennas. 
What this means is that when specific body part is transformed into a tachyon antenna, it draws tachyon energy into it. Because of this, its SOEFs are energized and restructured. We are now able to do tachyon healing treatments in the inner organs, taking holistic medicine to a new level of healing and rejuvenation. 
Tachyonized substances are drawn to specific areas of the body, so if they are Tachyonized (changed at the submolecular level) when they become incorporated into the biological structure they turn it into tachyon antenna. This energizes and enhances the specific function of that structure. 

For example, research with Dr. Cousens has shown that the algae from the Klamath Lake, Aphanizomenon floaquae (AFA) , specifically activates the hypothalamus and certain parts of the pituitary. Blue-green algae is the only vegetarian substance Dr. Cousens has been able to find that actually activates, heals, and rebuilds the hypothalamus (the master organ in terms of regulating and affecting the whole endocrine system). Tachyonizing the blue-green algae causes it to be an antenna for the tachyon energy, which is carried right up to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The elements of the Tachyonized blue-green algae are absorbed into those structures and turn the hypothalamus and pituitary into specific tachyon antennas. 

Once the Tachyonized material reaches a specific location in the body it creates a neg-entropic effect. This means the Tachyonized material organizes the subtle organizing energy fields of those particular biological structures (in this case the hypothalamus and pituitary) so that they may start moving toward their original function. This creates youthing. 

Another example of a Tachyonized biological material is vitamin C. Tachyonized Vitamin C would tend to go to the adrenals as well as to connective tissue. The adrenals have the highest concentration of vitamin C in the body. When the Tachyonized vitamin C goes to the adrenals, it becomes incorporated in the structure of the organ, thereby changing the adrenals into a specific tachyon antenna that will draw energy to balance, energize, and move the adrenals toward health. 

Clinical findings show that when biological materials are Tachyonized, about half as much biological material is needed to have the same optimal effect. This seems to be the case with Klamath Lake algae and melatonin. Tachyonized melatonin that activates the pineal is about the tenth to one twentieth of the dosage people normally need for sleep effect.



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