Monday, December 18, 2017

Kirlian Photos of Hands

Measuring the biological effects of Tachyonized materials

These next photos are part of an extensive research study done at the House of Well-Being in Engetried, Germany. The researchers, Herta and Dr. Hansen, objectively wanted to identify the effects of Tachyonized materials on the human energetic system. 
As can be seen in Figure K.1., the energetic outline of the hands is weak and in many areas the energy isn't even measurable. These energy deficiency areas of the hands and fingers specifically represent energy deficiencies in the body. 

After each client was measured, Dr. Hansen then administered 10 drops of Tachyonized water sublingually and had the client wear a Tachyonized pendant for a total of 15 minutes. Dr. Hansen then remeasured each client. New measurements captured and made obvious the neg-entropic effects of Tachyon. The meridians were energetically reconnected suggesting energetic balance on the physical level. 


Ma Prem Jwala, at the Osho Mutlivesity in Pune, India, conducted similar research. Ma Prem Jwala's extensive study measured the meridian systems using advanced Kirlian diagnostic techniques invented by Dr. Peter Mandell. Using Dr. Mandell's diagnostic techniques, Ma Prem Jwala was able to diagnose many the energetic deficiencies in the body. 
The research illuminates the neg-entropic effects which bring balance first to the energetic body and then to the physical body. This creates a real opportunity for permanent healing. Her research concurred with Dr. Hansen's as she demonstrated the effectiveness of Tachyonized materials as healing tool. 

UISCA Research

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It furthers the University’s objective by providing resources for investigation and research into all areas of human and planetary transformational science.

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Kirlian Photos of Hands
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