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DNA Study

Effect of Tachyonized water on DNA

The following graphs illustrate the neg-entropic effects of Tachyonized water on DNA in research done by Dr. Glen Rein, a well-known biophysicist. It has been shown that DNA rapidly degenerates when taken out of its intracellular home in the nucleus. Dr. Rein investigated many different frequency generating devices as well as Tachyonized material in an effort to ascertain their ability to keep the DNA from degenerating when taken out of the cell nucleus. 

His preliminary studies revealed that the Tachyonized materials were the only technology that had a neg-entropic effect on the  DNA integrity. 

This research was done with a Hewlett Packard UV absorption spectrophotometer. The study measured the effects of different frequency devices and photometer. The study measured the effects of different frequency devices and Tachyonized materials on preventing the degeneration of the DNA. Results which show a compression or rewinding of the DNA signify a neg-entropic effect or the prevention of degeneration.



This DNA Strand was measured and marked with the arrow and letter C (for control). The second measurement was taken after the DNA was exposed to Tachyonized water.  This according the testing physicist was the only material that he had ever tested that seemed to have an neg-entropic effect.  This test shows that the DNA helix has been affected in all three axes!  And the helix has caused a significant winding of the DNA strand, which is associated in this study with the vitality of the DNA.  The Tachyonized water seemed to energetically keep the DNA alive for a significant period of time.  Normally the DNA would begin to unwind as it dies.  When frequencies were added many increased the speed of DNA deterioration.  None of the frequencies tested had ever affected all three axes and caused the DNA to wind.  This significant discovery warrants a further, in-depth studying as a potential source of rejuvenating and neg-entropic energy source.  The implications are tremendous.

This graph shows how the Tachyonized water reversed the entropy of the disintegrating DNA. The proof in this conclusion is that the Tachyonized sample is physically longer and has a higher amplitude than the control. The increased length of the tachyon treated DNA indicates the DNA is rewinding, which indicates a reversal of the degeneration of the DNA. This reversal is also referred to as neg-entropy. 



This energy frequency had little effect on the DNA strand. Note the control study has in this case higher amplitude compared to the same DNA once influenced by the frequency. In this case we only see one axis respond to the frequency. The results indicate that the DNA was in one of the three axis affected, but the frequency did have an effect in two of the three axes, causing a slight unwinding of the helix. This is significant even though it is a small shift.  Ideally we would see a compression, or winding of the DNA.  It is thought that the unwinding is the normal aging process of the DNA in the laboratory-testing situation.

This graph shows DNA treated with a particular frequency generating device which is different from the frequency generating devices of graph 2. It is shorter and has less amplitude than the control.  This means it is more degenerated (has more entropy) than the control. 


This graph shows DNA treated with a particular frequency generating device which is different from the frequency generating devices of graphs 2 and 3. It is shorter and has less amplitude than the control. This means it is more degenerated (has more entropy) than the control.


The implications for human health and longevity are quite exciting. Some of the hottest research today in anti-aging is connected with telomere degeneration and consequent DNA unraveling in the intracellular nucleus. Telomeres are like the end-caps of both ends of the DNA and appear to unravel with age. 

Researchers are theorizing that if we can figures out how to stop telomere degeneration at the DNA poles we can stop the aging process. The research by Dr. Glen Rein with Tachyonized materials may be one of the ways to stop the telomere degeneration, DNA unraveling, and consequently, the aging process. From the Tachyon holistic theory point of view, what we are again seeing is that the Tachyonized materials (by energizing the SOEFs of the DNA) are maintaining the integrity of the telomere and obviously the DNA. 

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Tachyon Energy - A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing
Authors: Gabriel Cousens M.D. and David Wagner

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